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About us



Where did it all begin?


Founder & Director



Our founder Cameron has had Crohn's Disease for a long period of time and after many struggles with the life-long illness, Cameron knew he wanted to make an impact to others with Bowel conditions.


Cameron was already familiar with the Social Enterprise model and as a result there was no thinking needed when deciding how to make an impact to help the 'Silent Sufferers'.

Bowel Conditions

Toilet Hygiene + mental Health

We (STAT SALUS C.I.C) are supporting these individuals with improving their mental health through bringing them back into their communities through supplying them, completely FREE of charge, all the away-from-home portable toilet hygiene products to satisfy their bowel needs and also to protect them against infection due to their lowered immune systems as a result of their prescribed medication. This has a profoundly positive impact on their mental health and general wellbeing. 

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mental health

Among Bowel Condition sufferers, there is a staggering 84% prone to anxiety, stress and depression BEFORE the COVID-19 pandemic but things are now much more severe with over 95% of sufferers estimated to have a mental health issue.

These people originally isolated because of a lack of affordable toilet hygiene products & hygienic public toilet facilities to enable them to leave the confines of their homes and socialise in their local communities. The pandemic has worsened their mental health plight: they lie below the ‘awareness radar’ and have become ‘the silent sufferers’ with few people aware of their poor mental health and wellbeing, how this has happened and what can be done to help them. That's where STAT SALUS C.I.C. is here to help.   

our team

small & powerful

As a we are a new Social Enterprise, our team is small but the impact we deliver is extremely powerful.

We currently have a team of Directors, staff and volunteers to ensure STAT SALUS can deliver as much impact as possible.

We are always looking for new members to join our team. If you share our values and mission and would like to join is on our mission of transforming the lives of those with Bowel conditions then please get in touch.

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