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What’s Worse Than Not Delivering Any Impact?

Delivering Impact and not talking about it!

At STAT SALUS we have been doing some amazing work delivering social impact and helping young people impacted by Bowel Conditions.However, we’ve not been sharing these details with you. “But why on earth not?” I hear you ask. Well, there is a reason. A REALLY GOOD REASON. That reason will be revealed sometime later.

Over the coming months we will be sharing information with you on the work we are doing. This ranges from providing FREE Toilet Hygiene Products to raising awareness of Bowel conditions.

Our key focus areas are:

  • FREE Toilet Hygiene Products,

  • Working with local communities to welcome these groups back into society where they belong,

  • Increase Awareness/Reduce Stigma associated with both Bowel Conditions and Mental Health.

“And why mental health?”, you are probably thinking to yourself. “What’s your mind got to do with your bowel?”

Well, please let me elaborate.

People, and especially children, with bowel disorders (such as IBS, IBD, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease and Bowel Cancer) tend to isolate themselves from their local communities. This is because they feel a strong fear of a social embarrassment if, when out in public, they have a ‘toileting’ accident. They feel there is a stigma associated with their condition. That accident, whether among friends, relatives or even complete strangers, to them, is the worst thing of all. Nothing else compares to that nightmare scenario. A humiliation from which they will never recover. Yet going to the toilet is a natural thing to do. Why, when it happens in company, is it not perceived as just a little accident and of no great consequence?

Their self-isolation at home, compounded by their fears, adversely affects their mental health and wellbeing. Before COVID-19, 89% of people with a bowel condition suffered some degree of stress or even depression. Now, following long periods of isolation, it’s up to 95%. So you can see how a bowel disorder affects the minds and general wellbeing of these ‘silent sufferers’.

Doing the toilet is, too many, unfortunately a bit of a taboo subject. We at Stat Salus break down these barriers faced by those with bowel disorders through encouraging people to openly talk about it.

The first step is to get those with bowel disorders out into their local communities. To assist with this, Stat Salus provides sufferers with free toilet hygiene products to assist them with their bodily functions and feel fresh following their visit to the toilet. Also, in the event of a toilet accident, these hygiene products are ideal for cleaning up and feeling refreshed.

Building their self-confidence and getting these sufferers back into their local communities does wonders for their general wellbeing.

We continuously deliver this support and we can’t wait to share with you some of what we’ve been up to, especially with our support to children in the Greater Glasgow area.

Stay tuned for more updates from STAT SALUS C.I.C.

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