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What’s Really Going on Here? Glasgow

It looks nothing more than boxes being taken somewhere. It could be a delivery driver for any of the Parcel Delivery companies delivering almost anything. But it’s not. Far from it. There’s nothing ‘ordinary’ about these boxes because inside these boxes there is something particularly interesting. When you open these boxes, inside you’d see ‘Impact’. Not just any Impact but more specifically ‘Social Impact’.

So what does Social Impact look like? Well, Social Impact can take many forms and we’ll go on to explore Social Impact in more detail in later blogs. But for now, the Social Impact inside these boxes is a form of magic. Magic because it transforms the lives of sufferers of bowel disorders. These boxes contain toilet hygiene essentials suitable for anyone with a bowel condition but especially children. Armed with these FREE products in your pocket or bag you’d never fear having to use a public toilet or indeed any toilet away-from-home ever again. And these toilet hygiene essentials are not just good for those with bowel disorders; they are suitable for anyone. Ideal for the hygiene conscious among us. Peace of mind: that’s what they give you.

Here, they are being delivered completely free to support patients at The Glasgow Royal Infirmary. These toilet hygiene products are of particular benefit in helping people with bowel disorders get out of their home, into their local communities and benefitting from socialising with friends. No matter when the ‘toilet emergency’ arises, these toilet hygiene essentials have you covered. And that applies whether you have a bowel condition or not. They ensure you enjoy the rest of your day.

They’re great for taking children to the toilet. Keeps them safe from germs. They give a parent an enormous degree of comfort and confidence. Your ideal partner when you’re away-from-home.

At Stat Salus, we work hard to provide free Social Impact by helping those most in need with support with their bowel condition such as those living in hygiene poverty, especially children missing out on schooling and friends because they cannot afford toilet hygiene essentials.

So this isn’t just a delivery of boxes, it’s boxes filled with free Social Impact for those in need. We give more than just peace of mind. At Stat Salus we transform lives.

If you would like to find out more about our work then please get in touch with us at

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