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Social Impact

So what’s the reason I’m doing this? Well it’s part of our mission to deliver Social Impact and here we are donating free toilet hygiene products to people with bowel disorders. So why am I, rather than someone else, doing the delivery here? It’s for a few reasons.

At the age of 13 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. As I grew a little older I committed to doing everything I can to help others suffering from a bowel or bladder condition. Having been through so much myself, I understand the effect these medical conditions have on the lives of those who have to live with them. I give free toilet hygiene products to make their lives that little bit more comfortable.

Additionally, there is not just pleasure but a deep satisfaction in making deliveries in person, though if I did them all by myself I wouldn’t get much work done. I have to carefully blend the pleasure with the necessity to work. A great experience is in meeting and chatting with the recipients of our Social Impact. I love sharing stories with people and especially bringing them a laugh too. Children are right at the top of my priority list to receive our support because I’ve been there and I know first hand what they’re going through.

Contact with these kids and teenagers also helps them to realise that life can get better as it has for me. Sure, ups and downs are an inevitable characteristic of these conditions but I make them laugh and tell them that I’m helping them and one day they’ll be well enough to help someone else.

Take your eyes off the boxes and look at me. Look how happy I am helping others. This is what life is all about. Helping others. Despite my Crohn’s disease, I feel lucky. I feel happy.

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