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Communities can often be overlooked for receiving assistance. Communities are extremely important for our beneficiaries and for many of them it's a strong community that keeps them going or reintroduces them back into society. At STAT SALUS C.I.C. we look to embed ourselves within communities to both deliver impact and also receive impact. 


Grass Roots

At STAT SALUS C.I.C. we pride ourselves on working with small organisations at the grass roots level. Regardless of your organisations size, if you feel we can help then please get in touch.

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Large Organisations

We currently work with large organisations within Greater Glasgow and are always looking for new partners.

Helping Hands


If you're not sure if your organisation will fit our mission then please reach out as we aim to be accessible to as many people as possible.


Jonathan Baravalle

''The unique thing I love about STAT SALUS C.I.C. is their desire to work with small and large  organisations rather than just focussing on large ones like many other organisations"

Laura Morrison

"STAT SALUS listens to what we have to say and tailors their support based on this. Thank you to everyone at STAT SALUS for your support''

Alison Brown

''I am extremely grateful to STAT SALUS for providing me with free toilet hygiene products  to allow me the ability to leave my house and not have to worry about the condition of public toilets"

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